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#5 minutes with Meet the founder

- Hey, Maria. Even last year you couldn't imagine you'd become a Girlboss of your dreams, how did it happen?

M: Well, the idea to create community appeared long time ago. I wanted to make ZÓLDI platform as a two-way communication
channel, involving passionate photographers and bloggers. It was crazy inner drive to share beauty of emotions and desire
to live in a moment with everyone. To create together, to launch a journal and interview my talented customers :)

- And tell us little bit about yourself :)

M: Hahaha.. Blue-eyed girl from a little Siberian city in Russia, who moved to Dubai from - 35 C to +50 C eleven years ago :)
Very ambitious and a lover of flat white :)

- Do you often give advice to your followers? How to start following your dreams?

M: Just never give up. Put your dream as a priority, because you live once! Just make it happen! ZÓLDI idea was inspired by my
old friend's question What would I do if I was fired the next day from my current job... My lips whispered I would launch
the jewelry brand :) The idea took over my brain 24/7.. the rest is the history.
The phrase by Charles Bukowski keeps me going every day: "Find what you love and let it kill you". Inspiration and hard work
make me a Boss of what I have. Everything is possible, just start!