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Карамельный браслет в оттенке Crispy Moonlight

$38 Not available
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Handmade with beads and adorned with 925 silver Airplane charm
The Airplane is dipped in rhodium for extra shine & strength.
For travel enthusiasts and sky lovers
One stretchable size and can fit everyone
The Charm got the High polished finish
Cute Details: the length of the charm is 16 mm

New bracelets are here !!! Caramelized colors in combo with the cutest airplane charm! Dare to wear all colors together, that’s never too much :) Easy to stretch, layer and combine! No need to ask for a size if you want to surprise someone special. Just try :)

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Size guide Measure your finger with a string

1.Get a non-stretchy string (the dental floss works) and find the metric ruler (or google the metric ruler real size).

2. Wrap for a few times around the base of the finger you want to wear the ring on ( Please remember not to wrap the string too tightly around your finger, or you will have problems with getting the ring over the knuckle. Your fingers might be swollen a bit, and you should leave a little room for the ring).

3. Mark the point on it where it completes the circle (It should feel not too tight, not too loose).

4. Cut the string and measure its length (Measure it from the beginning to the mark with a ruler or tape measure. This is the circumference of your finger ).

5. Find out your ring size on our conversion chart. * Take a bigger size in case of confusion

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